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Come inside India’s first exclusive Baby Spa – Nurture Baby Spa,Gurgaon

Life is quite tough when you’re a baby – not only do you have to work hard all day being super cute and smiley for the endless aunts and uncles that walk in, you also have to deal with the stresses of everyday life – sleeping, cuddling, eating, popping – well the list of to dos can be endless!


What better way to rejuvenate than to check in to an exclusive spa dedicated to tiny tots?


The Nurture Baby Spa in Gurgaon is giving infants a very early taste of pampering. India’s first exclusive baby spa,catering to the wellness of babies in their first 1000 days of lives – it offers babies 30-minute ‘immersion sessions’  in hydrotherapy pools with warm water and professional massage therapy.


The Hydrotherapy session last anywhere between 20 -25 minutes, depending on your baby’s affinity to water.Using a specially designed flotation device, babies aged from two months to four years can enjoy floating in their own neonatal pod or in larger hydrotherapy spas. The whole experience is meant to resemble a baby’s experience in the womb and, with repeat visits, aims to develop visual and auditory responses and improves lung capacity. And it’s all finished off with a bit of baby massage.


Nurture Baby Spa


The massage therapy is conducted by medically trained professionals, using cold pressed organic oil (they use three types of oils viz avocado, coconut and, grape seed oil) in a baby friendly environment, which is very relaxing as well as heart warming.


What’s more – you get exclusive access to a range of organic baby and mother care products from The Mom’s Co, a pediatrician available for consultation, an exclusive breastfeeding room with feet massage, baby grooming services like haircut and nail trimming, and an exclusive play area.


Need we say more? Let’s get signing for a baby spa!


Find out more about India first exclusive baby spa here or call them on 9821727001.