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Context and Content: Indian Authored Books to Read When you’re Pregnant



During my first pregnancy, I had browsed through a bunch of shelves at bookstores and the world wide web, looking for some great Indian pregnancy books. Every google search threw up a bunch of international authors – which I didn’t quite connect with. The diet, the home remedies or basic tips were very different from what I was actually going to experience . That led me to research, ask friends, and walk through multiple bookstore aisles, narrowing down on a few that I now feel every pregnant woman must get her hands on.


Passport to A Healthy Pregnancy Paperback by Dr. Gita Arjun

I found this book extremely useful and unique. Informative, not cluttered with unnecessary graphics and not mechanical. This book offers a good blend of scientific as well as practical information, right from a pre-conception checklist, to post- partum period, all in a culturally relevant context. I loved that the author included an entire chapter on the father’s role, sprinkling advice for men throughout the book. If you want to read one book that will cover most of your pregnancy related queries, I highly recommend this one for both you and your husband.

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I’m pregnant not terminally ill, you idiot by Lalitha Iyer

This book is simply superb – it’s all about the good, bad and downright ugly of being pregnant and being a mother. What’s so different about this book? Unlike usual pregnancy books, I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot! does not take you through how to breastfeed or tell you the foetus growth stages. It has fantastic illustrations and is about the real stuff like how a typical Indian family, friends and colleagues react when they come to know that a woman is pregnant. It comes with handy tips for every new mother and mother-to-be, on matters ranging from how to poach a good maid from your friend, to the things that one can do to lose the life-giving domestic help, even if one cannot afford to. The book runs to exactly 250 pages and they flip by at an agreeable pace as one takes in the various anecdotes and accounts that make up this excellent read.

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The Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms A Doctor’s Answers to All Your Questions by Dr. Vinita Salvi


This is a handy reference for non-medical people! You’ve decided to have a baby, and for the next nine months, your questions won’t stop. One of India’s top gynaecologists and obstetricians, and a country specialist in managing high-risk pregnancies, has written the ultimate pregnancy book that covers every issue, answers all your questions and tells you exactly what to expect.

From preparing your body for pregnancy, to the tests for each trimester, decoding illness during pregnancy and labour, and beyond, the book’s tone is warm, humorous, clear and no-fuss. Dr Salvi will lay all your anxieties and every question to rest, so you can put your feet up and enjoy those nine months!

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Pregnancy: The Complete Childbirth Book by Nutan Lakhanpal Pandit

It’s an amazing book – especially for “first time moms”. It serves as an extensive and friendly guide to childbirth, discussing all possible issues related to pregnancy – childbirth, trimesters, diets and fitness and any other questions that might be plaguing you. Women tend to face illogical doubts and apprehensions during pregnancy, due to lack of accurate information. The book also discusses postnatal care for mother and the baby, breathing patterns, and the positions that must be adopted during labour pain. It also answers questions connected with weight gain during pregnancy. The book is based purely on scientific facts and is thus absolutely trustworthy. Expectant mothers can also learn reliable home remedies from this friendly guide.

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For Bumpier Times: An Indian Mother’s Guide to 101 Pregnancy & Childcare Practices by Lakshmy Ramanathan

This book is an attempt to capture the complexities of being pregnant in our society and how to arm yourself with information that enables you to make empowered decisions. By recording 101 rituals from across the country, and by having them reviewed by an eminent panel of doctors and experts, the book hopes to dismiss your doubts and fears, trace the origin of these myths and beliefs, and keep up with the latest in childbirth and care to help you achieve that balance crucial to welcoming your little one into your culture and world.
Written in an easy-to-understand Q&A format, Lakshmy Ramanathan has managed to create an elaborate guide on pregnancy and childcare, specific to Indian mothers.

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By Ambalika Jaisinghani

Mother of two, always well organised and self sufficient. Ambalika believes in old school ways of bringing up her children and instills the same values in her two children .Her regimented approach and  OCD keeps her family on their toes all the time.