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Disney Mix – the social messaging app just for kids

Kids and technology can be an anxiety-inducing combination.


Fed up of reading the parental guidelines and worried what social messaging app your little ones have been downloading ?


You no longer need to be – Disney Mix, Disney’s social messaging app has all the necessary measures to safeguard your child’s privacy in the cyber space.


Here, kids get to personalise their avatar, make memes, connect with friends, exchange stickers and challenge them to play games . What’s more, the messaging app has unique Disney emoticons like Joy from Inside Out, Elsa from Frozen, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, and more !


Besides sending and receiving messages, Disney Mix allows users to receive news, pictures and videos from Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Movies.


Kids can exchange messages only with accepted friends and any inappropriate chat, language and personal information gets blocked immediately. If you or your kid happen to be in a conversation that starts to violate one of Disney Mix’s community guidelines, it’s easy enough to report. All you have to do is tap on the whistle icon located in the upper-right of any chat window. Your conversation then gets forwarded off to Disney’s moderation team, and violations of the community guidelines can get a user temporarily (or permanently) banned from the chat app.


So sit back, relax and let your child chat, share and play – all in one place with Disney Mix.


Available on Android and IOS.