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Divya Goyal : Parenting is a full time job – there are no breaks, no holidays and no personal time off

‘Motherhood’ seems like so many things clubbed into one small word!


It means a whole new world wrapped around two tiny fingers and two tippy-tappy toes, endless chatter and an innocent smile as the biggest weapon to win you all over again,every single time !


For me this journey of being a mom started almost 9 years back ( Gosh! it’s been almost a decade, and I feel super ancient at that thought)!


Mine was an unplanned pregnancy but most definitely a precious one. Friends (with and without kids) around me thought I was crazy to be pregnant so quickly into my marriage and at such a young age. For many it was a shock rather than a surprise! I had quite a few heads turn to look at my baby belly everytime I made a public appearance  – they didn’t know whether to congratulate me or sympathize at my state! My nine months flew and our bundle of joy arrived – ‘Manya’.


‘Manya’ changed our life – new feelings, tantrums, drama, schedule changes, happiness, fun.. (and the emotions and actions are endless!). I quickly learnt, Parenting is a full -time job, it really doesn’t matter how many children you have – One,two,three.. you need to be on your toes, up and about all the time – there are no breaks, no holidays and no personal time off.


When I look back today, I catch myself laughing at all the things I’ve done with and for her, from asking really stupid questions at her first doctor visit, wondering why her stool changes colours everyday, how to decode her cry, DIY activities and how to keep her engaged all the time (including at 2am at night). While I am just nine years old in Motherhood – it’s been a lifetime of experience and learning – I’ve made mistakes, I’ve fallen, I’ve goofed up- but it’s all be so worth it.


As I prepare myself to become a teenage mommy very soon, I get goose bumps thinking on what lies ahead and how much more I have to learn on motherhood. There is no right or wrong and absolutely no rule book to perfect parenting. I always say – do it the way you think it’s right, and you’ll be just fine.


In simple words for me Motherhood is a never ending exam, you don’t ever get to see your report card. The more you prepare, the more there is to learn.


There are days when I want to give up, there are days when I fail, there are days when I wasn’t good enough – but that one little smile and ‘I Love You Mom’ gets me right back to rock the next exam!