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Embracing the Spectrum: A Journey Through Autism

Phibonacci is the signature of the supreme universe in nature. It is the backward calculation of numbers that renders perfection to a thing: even to a spectrum called Autism.


Autism seems to the most compelling and mesmerizing of all neurological disorders, unique and stylish, hellishly difficult to understand and searing like a sword that never meant to kill. It is a spectrum disorder because of the confusion of diagnosis. No two autistic individuals are the same , though the challenges of communication, socialization and imagination are what each struggle with. How would it be if you and I were to receive cues from the environment, that appealed to our senses, while we remained incapacitated to express the appropriate response, in a socially desirable way??! It would mean battling to live, each second of of our lives!


However, researchers across the world are engaged in their work and offer guidelines towards turning these Jacobs and Heidi’s, into functional and independent human beings. The new age of diagnosis is crucial to improvement and early intervention of therapies have given encouraging results. Medical issues underline the conditions in each case, manifesting themselves in as deplorable manner as possible.


I am a mother of a beautiful teenage boy called Rean. He is non-verbal and tries his best to respond correctly to instructions with a fleeting attention span and tired sense of hearing. Rean could be hearing a soft breeze like a storm and a storm like a nuclear explosion. His adjustment is incredible at parties he attends with us; he shuts his ears with his palms when there is blaring music, while sticking his body out to large speakers, because the vibration from the speakers spark his tactile seeking of pressure touch!




Autism, as I understand it, is a brain thing, It is also a condition of the mind. One could have an autistic brain, or an autistic mind. The relevance of each are extraordinary different. The etiology, unknown. Autism seems to be a unique journey the soul has chosen, An effort to sanitize the spirit of those who live in its nourishing. It could either destroy the caregiver or empower magnificently. What is imperative of a caregiver to know, is that the index of tolerance transfers directly to the special child one has been destined to parent.Therefore , happiness must become a practice. A skill that needs to shine like a halo. And unlike the enlightened halo of the Buddha, achieved in reals of escapism, it is the halo of the human spirit, that converts pain into a recycled bubble of unstained love.


When Rean, looks at the moon, he often tears leaves. I would try to dissuade him years ago until I elevated myself to his imagination. A stream of moonlight could be radiating the network in a torn leaf, while the exchange of gases, manifested in color, made a stairway to thought and transformed the germs of darkness into elves, that stitched shoes for the crickets under the thistle bed.The world around, mutated into a storybook that Rean could never read.He smiled and carried the leaf to an empty flower pot , as if planting a new story to read on the next moonlit night.


Autism is fascinating & yet it can finish you cell by cell, if you don’t understand it.


The backward calculation of numbers –



By Gargi Bhattacharya