First Birthdays are always so special, It’s a big milestone and a moment of pride that a parent behold to see their kid grow a whole year old. It’s  overwhelming and self rewarding to see that little babe grow each day into a big girl or a boy, especially for a mom after those endless sleepless nights and diaper changing & the whole load of ups and downs that comes in raising a baby.


But, I have a question. why do most people go crazy and end up having a big celebration almost like a wedding. Why Invite 100 -200 or more guests and spend so much money. Is your baby going to remember any of this ? Or who are you doing this for ? Something to think about right?


I had my son after going through every pin and needle in this world, had the most complicated case of pregnancy after constant miscarriages but like they say there is a perfect time for everything. I had my bundle of joy on 14th April 2016. Words can’t express how much joy this baby got all of us.


Since this baby was born after years of struggle and wait for the whole family including the extended family. Now my little man turned ONE on 14th April 2017.


Will go back in time, I started planning his first birthday when he was 10 months. But something both me and my husband decided upon that we won’t have a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH. (this decision we made before he was born). To us it doesn’t make sense to call 100-200 people. With our Indian culture if you call one person ,you have to call everyone. I see most people doing that for society sake. And it’s a social stigma right, bigger the birthday bash more parents love their child. You are not achieving anything out of it except some people will talk about a swanky party for sometime and that’s it! This is the time when you should be thinking about your baby. Remember a one year old will not remember all this and neither will he or she appreciate that big over crowded party. Save your child a stranger anxiety with people he may see for the first time, and with all that chaos you will end up with a unhappy crying baby instead of a Happy one. So here is what I did for my son and more ideas what you can possibly do to make his FIRST memorable for him and you.


    • Start with deciding on a theme for your baby birthday. Mine was LITTLE MAN . So the props were moustaches, bow ties, Suspenders, and the color story was white, blue, black & grey.


    • It was such an incredible feeling for me to plan and execute his FIRST BIRTHDAY. I decorated his room with hundreds of balloons, and a 14″ NO 1 Baloon. As helium fill in ballon is too Expensive and lasts only for 3 to 4 hours. I filled normal air, tied the ribbon swirls and used double sided tape to stick the balloons  on the ceiling. It’s been 2 weeks they are still on


    • His birthday morning he woke up with this beautiful smile looking at all those balloons over his crib, I got a sense of joy and satisfaction right there in such a little thing. I was overjoyed with emotions to see him so happy.


    • Then I had planned a photo shoot for him in the morning and evening keeping baby’s schedule in mind. Make sure you don’t let anything come in your baby’s food and sleep schedule as you will end up having a cranky baby. I fed him in the morning got him ready and we did a lovely shoot where he was just busy unwrapping his gifts and playing with balloons. It went on for 1.5 hrs. Then we continued with his daily routine and it was just a regular happy day. His grandparents (my husband’s and my parents ) came visiting. And he had so much fun with his favourite people being around him.


    • Then in the evening after he was done with napping and eating we planned his CAKE SMASH, oh I haven’t seen him so happy ever. For the first time he was not restricted and he just loved it, eating touching basically digging into that cake :) again some amazing moments were captured by the photographer.  Try and keep baby bare chest as the clothes Will be spoiled during cake smash. I made him wear a jean, suspenders & a bow tie without a shirt, it looked super cute and went well with the theme. Try and have a beautiful set up for the cake smash with lots of balloons and  other theme related props. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas from. You can plan cake smash indoors or outdoors too, ours was outdoors in a park around our place. And right after that the photographer captured lovely photos of us with the baby and his grandparents .


    • Next day of his birthday 15th April, we organised a small brunch for 30 close family and friends. Now Hrihaan was very happy as he had no stranger anxiety, he had all his friends and people he knows around him. It was in a restaurant, we booked a long table for 30 people and had a little area for cake cutting. By little I mean enough to accommodate, 30 people. And big cake table. (Joined 4 table for 4 to get a size idea)


    • I decorated the cake table & the backdrop as per his theme, had a beautiful table with cake, cupcakes, centre pieces, Some decorations like, theme based props and favour bags. Had a nice welcome poster put up outside the venue, added balloons are other creative ideas to make it memorable. After the cake cutting we started with brunch. Which went on for 3 hrs. People were busy eating chit-chatting, playing around. Felt like a little carnival with our loved ones around.


    • Make sure to have some activity for kids, as this is for your baby. So I had a balloon sculturist, who was making balloons for all the kiddos and kept them well entertained. You can have many more things like face painting, tattoo artist, puppet shows, play area etc.


    • Have a wishing tree, where people can leave lovely birthday wishes for your little one. I got his photos on Polaroid prints where people wrote their wishes which will be with us for life.



  • Say thank you to all those people who were part of your babies little celebration by giving them return favour gifts. Now here you can be really creative. I got crafty favour bags made as per theme and I kept special made to order chocolates for the guests. You can also have lot of other things keeping your guests in mind. We got all these moments again captured by having a photographer this day too.As its all about little things and making memories.That was a wrap for his first, and I was so happy to see everything turned out the way I wanted.One more idea l on what you can do for your baby’s first.


  • You can take your little one on a nice holiday, somewhere close to India so you don’t stress with your Baby on the long haul  flight. Destinations like- Dubai, Abu Dhabi , Singapore, Thailand beaches, like Kohsaumi, Phi Phi islands, Bali are some places ideal to travel with your one year old. Pick a destination where you can choose a nice report and just be in the resort. So it’s not hectic with the baby. You can also decorate your room on the day of the birthday with balloons  and flowers for memory sake, also can plan a cake smash even on the holiday :)Important tip- Make sure you tell the baker that the cake smash cake is for the baby and to use baby friendly ingredients.Hope you find this read helpful, stay tuned for more such useful tips and stories to make motherhood/parenthood easierMuch love



By Sakshi Vaidya
A working mom, who is trying to help shape the new age of parenting in India.  Making motherhood beautified & simplified, through contemporary approach.  Fashion designer by profession, health enthusiast & an avid traveller “
@uptownmommy (SAKSHI VAIDYA)