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Here comes the sun : Sunscreens you must get your hands on

With swimming classes and sunny days just around the corner, it’s  time to do a little bit of a stock take on your little one’s sunscreen for the season!

Here’s a list of lotions and sunscreens mommies have been slathering on!


Aveeno’s Baby Natural Protection Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50


It is a gentle and fragrance-free blend of mineral sunscreens (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), and works amazingly well on sensitive skin, including children’s skin. The lightweight creamy lotion spreads easily, sets quickly, and leaves a satin matte finish.

The only disappointing part of this sunscreen is its lack of antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients, which all skin types need.

Available online HERE

Badger Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen


Safe, Effective, & Gentle Baby Sunscreen. Badger’s SPF30 Baby Sunscreen Cream contains non-nano Zinc Oxide to protect from both UVA & UVB rays, in a base of safe, soothing USDA Certified Organic ingredients. It is water & sweat resistant for 40 minutes, biodegradable, and works immediately upon application.

Available online HERE

Burt’s BeesBaby Bee SPF 30 Sunscreen Stick

Burt Bees

This twist-up sunscreen stick is gentle and provides mineral-based sun protection. The amount of these mineral actives and the thickness of the stick formula can feel heavy and go on slightly white, but it blends fairly well and is fragrance-free – making it ideal for use on infants and kids. Because of the heaviness of the formula, your best bet is to apply this on smaller areas prone to burning, such as the bridge of the nose, hands, tops of feet, and ears.

Available online HERE

California Baby SPF30+ Sunscreen Lotion

California Baby

The California baby sunscreen lotion contains SPF 30+ and can be safely used on the child’s skin every day. This is a year round sunscreen lotion that contains lemongrass which acts as a soothing agent. The beautiful aromatherapy lotion can be used on face and body and it does not sting the eyes of the child. It is sweat resistant, PABA free, water resistant and comes in a flip tube.

However, a lot of people complain that it leaves the skin looking white, if your child’s skin is tan, it might not be the best choice, because it’s pretty visible even on very pale skin.

Available online HERE

Cetaphil Daylong Kids Sunscreen


Daylong Kids Face and Body Lotion is a liposomal formulation that evenly spreads the UV filters across the skin. Specially formulated for children. Photostable UV filters offer highly effective UVA and UVB protection. The lotion is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. Contains panthenol, glycerin, aleo vera and Vitamin E that nourishes the skin. It is fragrance-free, paraben-free, non-greasy and hypoallergenic. The dispenser and dosage table on the label for every age help parents apply the right amount of lotion for protection they can rely on.

Available online HERE

Hampton Sun SPF 70 Wet for Kids


Hampton Sun’s SPF 70 for Kids offers powerful, broad-spectrum sun protection for the whole family. This hypoallergenic and oil-free formula can be applied to wet skin – so no need to towel off or wait for skin to dry before application. SPF 70 for Kids features a convenient travel twist cap to help avoid accidental spills and sprays when tossed into a purse, tote or beach bag.

Available online HERE


Mustela SPF 50 Sun Protection Lotion


Mustela’s water-resistant  Sun Protection Lotion is ideal against UVA and UVB rays. Is it not heavy on the skin and doesnot leave the thick white layer. Apply generously on dry skin at least every 2 hours and after each swim. This is Hypoallergenic (Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions) and contains 0% fragrance and alcohol.

This one has limited availability online or at stores around town.

Available in stores:  Smile, 3 Friends Colony, New Delhi

Seba Med Sun Care Lotion

Seba Med

Seba med sun protection lotion comes with an SPF of 50+. It contains 98% filter of UVA and UVB rays. This product is water and sweat resistant and will last on the child’s skin for 6 hours. The lotion is alcohol and fragrance free. It comes with a mark for very sensitive and sun intolerant skin.

Available online HERE


Don’t forget to share your magic sunscreen brand in the comments below!