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High Five To This New Birthday Party Trend!



We’ve all been there. A birthday party invitation and you’re scrambling through Facebook groups and every store that remotely looks like a kid’s gift store, wondering what to gift and how much to spend?


Well, we just discovered the best birthday party trend since the smash cake – it’s called the ‘fiver party’.


The idea is pretty much what it sounds like; every guest brings in a fiver to go towards a big ticket present that the parents have bought and which the child really wants.


While we’re still thinking of a sobriquet for the Indian version, here’s why we think it’s a gosh-darn genius idea!


  •  It removes the expectation of ‘stuff’ from birthdays. It teaches kids that parties are about friends and having fun, not piles of presents. It also teaches them the value of saving for something that they really want.
  • It’s easy on parents. No more wondering if the birthday girl has too many unicorn play mats!
  • It’s budget and environmentally friendly. How many toys end up in landfill after being loved for a period of time (we’re talking seconds!) and then ignored? Reduce the toy clutter.
  •  The birthday boy/girl gets one big and exciting present that they’ve been dreaming about.


Of course, kids love presents. Heck, adults love presents too! But our kids often get so inundated with ‘stuff’, on their birthday that each gift becomes less special or too many!


And, to those (who disagree with fiver parties) keep the party an affordable event, let the kids cherish something that they really want and keep those gifts that get pushed from one birthday to another – away!