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Homemade Quick fixes for your Skin



Busy, pre-occupied or disinterested – a lady must stock her dresser with a few products to keep her skin radiant and fresh looking, even if she doesn’t believe in using make up. Come pregnancy, and your skin needs the extra nurturing and attention. If you’re not into products, there are other more natural, everyday habits that can do wonders for your skin and hair. Here’s to looking at options, and picking what you think works for you.


Skin Care

  • Drink loads of liquids – water, fresh lime, buttermilk, and don’t forget to say no to sodas.
  • Hormones can play havoc during pregnancy; keep stress at bay by staying positive; perhaps meditate?
  • Inculcate relaxing breathing techniques into your routine
  • Stretch marks are never pretty, and can contribute to making us feel less like our usual confident selves. Use natural cocoa butter or aloe vera gel post your shower, while the skin is still wet.
  • For swollen feet, a syndrome most pregnant women experience, use products that contain chamomile and cucumber; these help soothe that area.
  • Reap the fruit (and vegetables) of Nature! Try to stick to fresh organic produce, so your body isn’t taking in anything but the natural goodness of clean, cooked food.


Home Remedies for skin care


Face Cleanser: Take half cup of besan (gram flour), and mix it with 4 tsp of milk powder. Use daily with raw milk when you wake up every morning.

Face Scrub: Take a quarter cup of white rice, and blend it with a quarter cup of oats. Apply this concoction twice weekly, with  luke warm water.

Homemade Make-up Remover: Fill a clean bottle with distilled or filtered water. Add 5 tsp of olive oil, 5 tsp of rose water and lastly, a Vitamin E capsule for preservation. Use this concoction on your face very night before going to bed. Irrespective of whether you wear makeup or not, you will see a major difference in your skin.

Cold Cream: Use a cold cream on your hands and feet; the thicker the cream, the most it will nourish your skin.

Face Pack: An easy to make face pack is one with yogurt and honey. Use this once a week for an instant glow and brightening.


Make up Tips – Quick and Easy: Instant Glow

  • Always us sunscreen, and a BB cream to cover pigmentation or acne marks.
  • Use water proof Kajal and Mascara and a bright lipstick for any festival; you can replace it to nude lipstick if you are at home.
  • Spray rose water once in 3 hrs for that added glow.



An HR profession, who loves adventure and experimenting. Divya’s heart lies in beauty and make up. She strongly believes that perfection is boring and we should embrace our imperfections. She loves to share her quick, simple tips on skincare and makeup through her YouTube channel : “NOT So Perfect”