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Ideas For A Fabulous And Functional Nursery

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Can a nursery be supremely stylish and still work as a great sleep and play space? Well, if you’re in the process of creating a visually impressive, yet completely usable space for your little one. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind.


Cot : The cot is a smart starting point, since much of the activity in a nursery will be centered around it. Find a theme for the nursery, and make sure the cot fits the overall aesthetic, space and design.


Bedding: Pick organic cotton bedding options in shades of grey and pastels – calm to see and easy to accessorize.


Nursery Chair : Get one with Winged sides to rest the your head when feeding also maybe add an ottoman for keeping your feet up and rested while feeding.


Changing Table : Opt for a changing table that can be used as a drawer for storage and other accessories.


Nursery Blanket : This has to be one of the most under-rated nursery essentials – but a soft comforting blanket will become your little one’s bedtime cue, and doubles as a great decorator item.


Toys : Toys can most certainly do double duty in a nursery, creating a sense of fun while giving the room a personal touch. Mobile cot hangings, play mats/ play gyms and a matching plushie are great additions for early play time.


Wall Paper : Wall paper adds a complete new feel to a nursery – pick pastels or a color palette that goes with the theme. Wall stickers are a fab way for adding details on walls here and there.


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