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“It’s really, really hard” : A mom’s post on realities of breastfeeding

Moms across the virtual world are tearily nodding in agreement at a Nashville mom’s post on the realities of breastfeeding, perhaps recognising their own struggles in her words.


Mom of one, Leah (of The Nashville Bump) went out on a vulnerable limb, posting on Instagram about the anxiety and discomfort that sometimes surrounds breastfeeding.


Leah’s a new mom to baby Penelope and her honest post seems to sum up how many women feel when they’re learning to feed their babies.


Here is a copy of the post :

Nashville Bump


Ok, I’m going to say it for us all.


Breastfeeding is hard. It’s really, really hard. Sometimes I can’t even explain what makes it so difficult. The uncertainty, second guessing, responsibility, commitment, discomfort…just to name a few. We trusted our bodies to grow our babies for 9 months and now we have to trust our body to supply the nourishment for our babes growth & development.


Talk about pressure😳 Breastfeeding is full of unanswered questions. You truly don’t know what’s going on down there. Too much? Too little? Too intense? Not enough hindmilk? Not enough time? Plugged duct? Mastitis? WTF!!!


As if it wasn’t hard enough😓And of course the biggest way to know if you’re doing well is if the baby is gaining weight…great, let me just whip out my handy dandy baby scale😑..But, even with all of that. We all so desperately want to survive and push through. We so badly want to have our baby thrive. We want that relationship. We want the experience.


In the end, fed is best. That’s what matters. But all I know right now is that breastfeeding is hard. I am doing my very best but always have a question in the back of my mind. Always second guessing myself. Always wondering if I’m doing OKAY. I’m determined to tough it out. I want to do this. Mamas really do need all the support they can get. So mama, you’re hearing it from me, you’re not going crazy, it is hard, but you’re doing good. Keep going!! There’s a rumor going around that it gets easier😌




Image source : The Nashville Bump