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Kamana Kalro: You learn to visualize the world through your little one’s eyes

The very first moments of child birth changes your perception of life completely – From being an independent girl to now transforming into a mature woman who has the responsibility of her baby. Along with your baby, the mother herself is reborn into a new world as she’s never experienced any thing like this before. Motherhood has the most special feeling attached to it and one can only start to understand the same once your baby is in your arms for the first time – that moment is surreal & words can’t even come close to explaining what you feel within.


My pregnancy was rather testing & difficult on me for various reasons but those 9 months of challenging times with mixed emotions were all washed away in that very moment when I heard the first cry of my baby. The magic continues when the clinician lets you hold your child and he/she clams down with your warmth. The connection is instant and an outburst of emotions speaks only about you being one with your baby.




Through this journey, you learn to be grateful for having the world’s happiness in your arms. My son is nothing short of a blessing to me in many ways as he has taught me how to smile, to be less concerned about what is happening around and has definitely taught me how to find happiness in the small things around you in life. The sleepless nights, challenges of feeding, being unavailable socially, sabbatical from work are all put aside when I look into his eyes and see a sparkle of pure love.


You learn to visualise the world now through your little ones eyes and its worth every sacrifice that you make.