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Killer Teen Patti Variations That Will Light Up The Table



Busy attending card parties and thinking variations?


The Muflis, High-Low and the skipping jokers are done and dusted. We give you seven new variations to rock those card sessions this Diwali.


Red & Black

Deal one card in the centre after dealing three cards to all players. After every round, a fresh card is placed. If the card in the centre is red (hearts or diamonds), the game is played normally, with the value of the card declared as the Joker. Example: If the card in the centre is 7 of Hearts, then all 7s become jokers. But if the card is black, then the game is based on muflis (where cards of the lowest value now become the cards with the highest value. Example: a sequence of 2,3,5 beats out an Ace trail). This is probably one of the best ways to ensure your players stay in the game for a longer time.



Like a mat or a carpet. The cards are placed e You can choose 3×3 or 4×4 rows and columns. Whatever is on the chatai are jokers.


King Little

Each player is dealt three cards where the King and the smallest card will be assumed the Joker. A joker can be played assumed to be any card of the player’s choice. So you got 2, 4 and King? You got a trail of 4. In case it is 2,2 and Queen, the little cards are both Jokers and you got trail with the Queen. Easy trails there?


Closest to 555

Deal 3 cards to everyone, the best game is the one closest to 555 arranging the cards as digits (ace being 1 and picture cards being 0). Closest can be either greater or lower than 555. For 2 rounds players can exchange one card of their game with a new one from the pack in order to improve their game by paying 2 counters for it. They have to first give up a card and then get a new card. Betting starts in round two.

This one gets the pool high because everyone’s waiting for Round 2!


369 and a one-eyed Jack

All these cards (The Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts are also known as one-eyed jacks) all become jokers. The other two Jacks (of diamonds and clubs) are not one-eyed, which can lead to a comical amount of confusion. To add to the chaotic scene, you can even call certain colours of 369 jokers, while declaring the others to be ordinary.


The Joker & The Killer

In this game, each player gets three cards. There are two cards kept on the table face down. One of them is a joker and the other a ‘bust’ card (also known as ‘killer’ card in some circles, which basically means that any game that has that number is a losing game). Now, players can pay 5 counters to see both the cards and then both the joker and bust are active for them. Players can pay 10 counters to see only the joker and in that case, only the joker is active for them and the bust is not. For players who do not pay anything, neither the joker or bust is active. No side-show is allowed in this game. After players optionally pay for the cards, then normal game proceeds. Want to add more chaos to the table – add in another global joker (visible to all!)


Sudden Death

This one’s best played towards the end of a card session. Simply distribute equal packs of cards to different players. Hold then between your ring finger and thumb and continue to drop till one person yells stop! Of the cards remaining, pick one single card of highest value you have left. The highest card wins!


Trading Floor

In this game, each player is dealt 2 cards closed and 2 cards open on the table. All these four cards form the person’s game. The trading floor begins post the deal, where, turn-by-turn each player’s 2 cards are up for grabs only if the person wants to trade them. Now, other players wanting to buy the cards should offer the player some money plus either or both of the 2 cards open in front of them. Note that players can offer to trade only on the open cards and not on the cards in their hand. The trading continues till all players’ cards have been offered for trading. After the trading round is over, a normal game proceeds. Try this if you’re sitting amongst your trading friends!


Have an interesting variation you’ve heard of this season? Tell us in the comments