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Close up of little boy in canvas shoes drawing with chalks on the sidewalk

Lack of Harmony & Upsurge Anxiety | The Millennial Youth

Lack of the right attitude (Indiscipline, if I may say so) and Restlessness are homing amongst Generation X these days; triggering and forcing us to contemplate on the WHY?


Close up of little boy in canvas shoes drawing with chalks on the sidewalk


We often witness problematic behaviours in our Children, and around. But have we ever tried bringing to light the reasons behind? As I give you the core, I know for sure it won’t come across as the most palatable or an anticipated marking, atleast for most of us.


We (The Adults) are more to be questioned, fairly blamed for such adopatterns in our children.

” Children have been and’ll always be Children: raw and callow, ready to experiment with and explore the world with their age-hemmed vision of life.”


Their angled habit of years, make them obey their Parents, WHILST we as Parents start to obey our Children, either out of excessive love and/or benighted indifference. That’s when we open up a whole new can of worms.
The problems start to seep in, with the unruly teenage stimulating them to not just lose their control over themselves, but also make way towards uncontrolled exercise of freedom and improper behaviour.


It’s then, the word ‘NO’ sets them off, making them Defiant Children.


Parents who do not put their foot down at the right time usually have Children, crushing the dreams of Parents and never having one, of their own. Therefore, it becomes imperative for every Parent to remember that –

” Discipline Is Not a Punishment But It Is The First Act of Love, which stops a child from getting astrayed and wasting this precious gift, Life.”


As Parents, Teachers & Mentors, it is our duty to bring them up giving the right values-The Sanskāras, and as the word says “that which has been put together’ and ‘that which puts together’.Absence of values will only lead to disposition of volition, turning life full of regrets and repentance.


Children are soils with the most fruitive tendencies. Don’t force, Inspire them. Not just Teach, Make them Live these values.


  • Values are more important in life than fortunes
  • Being together is more important than getting ahead of others
  • Accepting responsibility is more important than asking for rights
  • Obeying is more important than commanding
  • Admitting mistakes is more important than accusing others
  • Being gentle is more important than acting tough because gentleness is a sign of strength and culture while violence and cruelty are inhuman, animal traits


Give the younger generation these few simple values and it will surely help to carve a better, more responsible human being out of them and ultimately a Better Nation.



By Misha Gurjar
Educator | Samsara School