Organic Bounty by Dubdengreen




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Dubdengreen was set up by Jayashree and Ganesh Eashwar, simply to give back to Earth, since all we do is take from it.Over 2 decades ago, they bought land near Bangalore and began organic farming on it.In order to make themselves more visible, they even opened their own stores. Look for Ragi & Dal, Fixed Fruit supplements for babies, cereals, pulses, flours, spices & condiments, breakfast cereals, pickles, jams, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, tea, coffee, edible oils & ghee, sugar, jaggery, snacks, health supplements, honey and more. There’s also eco-friendly soaps & detergents, beauty products, hair dyes, incense sticks (agarbatti), sugar substitutes and more.

SR TAKE:No person who works at Dubgreen owns a car! All work and deliveries are done on public transportation system, read taxis, autos, rickshaws and the metro. Now that’s commitment!