Zeki Jaan


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An after school space for students to learn leadership skills and express their creativity through robotic design.

Zeki , is derived from the Turkish language meaning ‘clever’. The word Jaan means ‘life’ in both Turkish and Hindi. Here, students get the opportunity to construct and program autonomous robots using LEGO Mindstorms Education NXT – a pre-constructed researched curriculum. This helps them work together to bridge their theoretical knowledge of the sciences to solve humanities problems.

Their programs:

  • NEW** Tot Classes: designed for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten students. Your little one gets to learn how to construct early simple machines using large pieces that help strengthened their fine motor skills.
  • NEW** Early Simple Machines™ + WeDo™ for age group (5- 7), introduces the basic mechanical concepts such as gears, levers, and pulleys.
  • NEW** StoryStarter™, Ages 5+,is designed for children that love to play with LEGO™, but would like to explore other areas than robotics – like recreate scenes from literature read in class through digital creations.
  • NEW** Simple & Powered Machines, Ages 7+, for those that are interested in beginning robots.

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