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Mandira Ahuja : Motherhood -magically keeps alive the inner child in you

The most unique characteristic of being a mother in my opinion is that it ages you and yet somehow magically keeps alive the inner child in you.


In all honesty there is no master rule book when it comes to parenting. Gut and instinct kick in pretty soon when you enter the realm of motherhood. You have to let it navigate you in unchartered waters. There is always debate about over stimulation versus under stimulation , quality time versus quantity etc. I am yet to unravel the answers to these many conundrums.


In my humble opinion there are two fundamental things that every mother has to give their children.The first, is a sense of security and the second is a strong value system that guides their decision making . The sleepless nights, the grey hair, the stress eating, the chipped fingernails all seem worthwhile when you see the fruits of of your labour stand strong.


That’s what motherhood is, a labour of love. I am only seven years and two kids in the game but It has been an exhilarating and exhausting ride and I wouldn’t change a thing.
Sometimes I feel that being a mother has become my all encompassing identity. It dominates my thought process, routine ,actions, conversation and essentially my entire being. While it gets tedious for me and those around me, I have realised that I can either embrace it or let it get the better of me. I have opted for the former. This is what I am meant to be for this stage and as the two of them start to spread their wings, so shall I.