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Mausam Thorat Pawar – What are “Mothers” made of ? LOVE and MAGIC

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It’s a…….” The doctor gasped ,I am covered here waist below , numb waist below and this doctor here is taking a dramatic pause before she reveals the most important , like the MOST IMPORTANT outcome of my life !


“It’s a boy” she said as I took a deep long breath and I smiled.


I no longer cared about the freezing cold operation theatre, the doctor asking me if I wanted to be knocked out completely or was I doing fine, “fine?” I was doing fabulous.


I had a C-section and I was giggling with the nurses, had my family friend who is a doctor in the OT with me who clicked pictures of me (I must admit, I felt like a Lioness getting my picture clicked) while I was given a epidural and not a single drop of tear shed. But, when they got him all wrapped up , this little fella couldn’t stop crying and all those tears that started flowing down my face. – My son , I thought as I held him. What tamed this lioness, were ten tiny little fingers, ten tiny little toes and crinkled eyes.


“Mothers” what are we made of ? Blood , flesh off course but don’t we all just know that we are magical in our own ways.


Todays Millennial Mom is much more – before I could fall asleep after the delivery I just wanted to get on the rooftop and yell my lungs out wanted to tell the whole world that my son is born.


That night my Facebook status read “we are blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy” the whole world then knew. And since then, started a series of posts that documents my son’s life.


Time passes and memories fade, but  I’ll stop time in all the pictures that I have clicked of him.Technology shall advance and we shall move with time. Documenting and posting my life isn’t some kind of need but it is me filling the pages of my memory keepsakes – and the minute you peek in mine you see my life and I see yours.


What do we get out of it? We learn , we learn so much – from how to nurture the baby, or how it is really important to look after ourselves as well , we find so much inspiration to loose that pregnancy weight, not that only our outer beauty matters but how we all are beautiful from within,what are “Mothers” made of? LOVE and MAGIC