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Mere Paas Maa Hain – 6 Bollywood moms We’ve grown to love



Take away the swinging temple bells in the storm, and the photograph-clutching while waiting for her reincarnated sons to come and find her, Bollywood’s moms have always had a special place in our hearts.


Throwback to 6 Bollywood mums we want to pay tribute to for shaping our childhood film-watching experiences.


Kirron Kher

If you’re Punjabi, we didn’t say anymore. Loud, gregarious, indulgent, dramatic, with nothing but love, parathas, and sometimes strange but malice free advice, who wouldn’t want to be this Maa da Laadla?



Nirupa Roy

Kind, the do gooder, and full of good wishes and blessings, it’s no wonder most of her sons ended up in the police force. She did seem to cry an awful lot, but bless her for being all heart.




Always a winner, whether she was the loud, unreasonable mom-in-law, or the parlour-loving aunty everyone took with a teaspoon of salt.



Reema Lagoo

Yes, sometimes it might feel like she’s only Salman Khan’s mom. But full marks to this elegant lady, who, for as long as we can remember, was pleasant and graceful, with a soothing voice and a smile that would light up any screen. Yes Mr. Khan, we’d also fight to have her all to ourselves.


Jaya Bachchan

Supermom can sense her son’s presence before he even gets to the main door! Not ideal for the deadline breaking party animals, but who’d say no to her brand of molly coddling?



Farida Jalal

Don’t be fooled by her traditional garb. Mama Jalal has always been the perfect balance of mom and friend, and rather open minded about love and relationships. Also, she makes for the coolest dadi!