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Mold Inside Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy !

The very popular teething toy ‘Sophie the Giraffe’ has been recently making the rounds on groups and forums for all the wrong reasons!


Declared as the Smelly, Ugly, Mold by Paediatric dentist,Dana Chianese,  after she cut open Sophie the Giraffe last month when she smelled something musty coming from a hole on the toy.


It seems that the main problem is that this toy requires constant cleaning – due to relentlessly being sucked or dropped by its adorable chewy owner – and that it’s very difficult to keep the inside of it completely dry and moisture free.


Sophie’s makers repeatedly stress that no “water” must get inside the toy. It’s hard to know how it would be possible to stop any liquid getting inside, if it’s designed to be gnawed on a baby, though. At this stage there is no product recall, just advice to keep the inside of the toy dry.


Chianese, who is a pediatric dentist, told Good Housekeeping that she always followed the directions when cleaning it and only used a damp cloth and soapy water.


“It still hurts my heart to know that for months I allowed my babies to chew on moldy toys,” she told Good Housekeeping. “I no longer buy any chew toys with a hole or recommend any to my patients.”


And while the directions say to avoid submerging the toy in water, it may not be easy to keep moisture from getting inside of the toy giraffe, according to another parent who also found mold.


On Amazon, a parent named Stephanie Oprea posted a photo of her child’s Sophie the Giraffe toy, which appeared to be full of mold.


“Beware!! If you have a drooly baby, moisture will get in the hole, and you’ll end up with mold,” Oprea said in a review of the product. “We’ve had ours for two years, and the entire inside is coated with black mold.”


Have you had mold problems with your Sophie the Giraffe? Is there a “situation” at your place? How do you clean your Sophie? Is it even possible to keep the inside of Sophie dry?