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Mom Secrets : Getting the kids through cough and cold season

It’s pretty tough watching your little ones cough and splutter their way through winter, and let’s face it – when the little one is sick and blah, it’s not happy day for Ma!


We’re sharing mommy’s 8 favourite cough and cold secrets – which is gentle on the little ones, including newborns.



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Ajwain’s natural heating properties makes it a great massage oil in the cold. Heat Ajwain seeds in mustard oil, strain the oil and once the oil gets to a warm temperature, massage the chest and feet.


Eucalyptus oil

Inhaling eucalyptus oil works like magic to open- up a blocked nose and gives instant relief to children in the winter. For young kids, you can put few drops of oil on clothes and bedding as well. For older kids, you may add few drops of oil in hot water and let them inhale through steam.



Mix 1 tsp of Honey with ½ tsp of grated ginger. Give this mixture to your child to get rid of a sore throat. Ginger helps to thin out the mucus.



Heat 2 tablespoons of ghee and add 2 to 3 black peppercorns in it, grind it and give a little of it throughout the day. This is very effective for a dry cough.



Heat mustard oil and add 8-10 cut garlic pieces. Heat the oil till garlic turns black. Filter the oil and keep it aside to cool down slightly and then massage the oil on the chest,back and feet.



You can use a bowl of hot water or a facial steamer to offer steam. But, it’s best to avoid putting your child close to hot, steamy water as there is a risk of it being too hot.

Incase your child doesn’t like steam. You could try two alternate ways to offer steam to your baby-

  • Use a humidifier or a mist vapouriser in the room
  • Create a steam room by turning on hot water in a closed bathroom

Whichever way you choose to steam your child, comfort her. Let her sit in your lap and soothe her. Some babies enjoy cuddling, while a gentle massage works for others.


Sand Potlis

Roast some Ajwain and salt on a pan and make a potli. Re-heat and check the temperature to ensure it’s not too hot. Apply this on the chest, back,feet and forehead. It’s a great cure for dry cough.



Turmeric is known to be a natural antiseptic. It helps to relieve chest congestion and counter cold & cough. Grate ½ tsp of haldi and mix it with a quarter cup of milk. You can add honey to make it a little sweet for the child.


Tell us how you are tackling those inevitable coughs,colds and runny noses this winter.



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