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Motherhood On Social Media Vs. In Real Life

A mom blogger – Shannon Peterson that nailed the truth behind those edited photos on your Instagram feed. Her story on Motherhood On Social Media Vs. In Real Life





Just in case you thought my real life was anything like these tiny squares, I give you: this is 4 months.


J has been an incredibly easy baby, from labor to delivery to him being *here*. But 4 months happened and his needs have grown tenfold.


The other day I spent THREE HOURS like this, people. J had to be swaddled, on his back, in my arms. While I was bouncing on my giant exercise ball (never once used for it’s intended purpose). With my boob perfectly resting in just the right spot on his chin.


Our house was (is) a mess, my breakfast (lactation smoothie) sitting abandoned behind me, dirty hair and desperately in need of a shower (and 5 minutes without someone touching me) – and at the brink of tears.


I mean, I was too lazy to even take the sticker from our movers off the stability ball and I’m pretty sure you can see the remnants of my snowflake crafting on the carpet next to the couch I forgot to clean up.


The truth is, this is who I am most days.


Not a put together human who has her act together. Not a mom who can juggle working from home, kids, etc. I’m just a crazy person trying to maintain some semblance of calm while attempting to figure it all out.


Counting down the hours until bedtime and the kids are asleep, and then that first delicious sip of Gin & Tonics or wine.


And you better believe I VSCO and heavily edited the you-know-what out of this picture to make it look light and airy and “fit my feed”. Because I’m stuck on the couch under a 4 month old cluster feeding little dude who won’t have anything to do with anyone but me.


Here’s to YOU mama, holding it together even when it gets rough. And even if you’re not, you’re still a part of this club of crazy.


Anyone else having a really rough week?