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Forgive - toy

New Year Reflections And Resolutions Inspired By My Nine Month Old

Parents and grandparents alike are nearly always in awe of their young ones. In the animal kingdom, this translates into fierce protective behavior and for humans the awe translates into aww… the sound.


Forgive - toy


Leia is nine months old and along with a gushing aww for every move, burp, million watt smile, I like every other mum am truly in awe of these little human beings God/The Universe/ Moms and Dads have created. In the spirit of a new year, resolutions, reflections here are lessons I want to attempt to learn and imbibe.


Universal Love: Notice babies how they smile and vigorously shake with joy and happiness at nearly every person who they meet. Its love without conditions and without judgement. You may leave them for long hours of the day or be with them all the time and the warmth in expression and the bright twinkle in the eye is the same. One can be the primary caretaker or a stranger, the smile in return has just one message – thank you for smiling at me and here is one big one for you. I see this all the time with Leia walking in the park – I will see her smile at strangers regardless of class, race, likeness to her parents and often she will be the one to smile at nervous face looking at her. In a utopian world, I wish we as adults were more like babies – love without conditions, expectations without judgement.


Forgiveness: Well this could really be called short term memory as babies don’t know what forgiveness is but I really do wonder when children learn to hold grudges the baggage of which they carry into adulthood. Whether it’s two painful vaccinations from the pediatrician, or something yucky mom made them taste because it’s good for them or even a daily task like making them wear layers of clothes in the winter ( something that babies despise as its polar to their natural naked habitat) – they forgive you in a millisecond and even after disgruntlement and wails reward you with smiles and hugs. It’s like it never happened. Remember the magnitude of annoyance a baby faces when you make them do something they don’t want to do in their universe is equivalent to a much larger annoyance in ours. Their world is simple.


So, in reality this is a tough one – forgive… forget … move on. All the gurus harp on about it to lighten your own load, so why not make one more attempt at the start of the year to get better at it.


Joy of small things: It’s really not about the baby Einstein octopus or the giant Hamley’s  giraffe – the greatest joy and loudest laughter comes from playing with the lid of the shampoo bottle or that one ugly teddy bear that came free with a box of chocolates. I’ve compared notes with so many new moms and they all say that their babies love random items the most over toys – the packing of the toy brings greater joy than what’s inside. So, I ask, do we get conditioned to appreciate and like things that hold a higher monetary value because of socialization and media? Also, life comes a full circle as one of the most recurring messages one gets as you as grow older and more cynical is see the joy in the small things of life. There are apps that tell us take a minute off – look at the sky, look at the tree and smile.  So why not start early and stay on with it.


Maybe we have little ones which pristine pure hearts to remind us what we have forgotten and how much joy living the way they do brings.  So if you have a little one, and are looking for some #beinggood inspiration with the start of the new year, the inspiration is right in front of you.  Happy New Year folks !





By Prarthana Kumar

Prarthana Kumar is a mother to a nine-month-old baby girl, Leia.  Along with her role as Chief Entertainment Officer for Leia , she is a Leadership Development Consultant with Harvard Business Publishing.