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Organic Cold-Pressed Juices: All You Need to Know


We’re all aware that to some degree, most processed and packaged food contain preservatives and additives to give them an increased shelf life. Even dairy and dairy products may contain preservatives that are often hard for our body to digest and breakdown. Enter the cold-pressed cleanse, where juices are made from products specifically using ingredients that are highly alkaline in nature, such as celery, lemons, almonds etc. The nutrition in certain ingredients helps to maintain an alkaline Ph in the modern day environments we live in.



A cleanse helps detoxify and reset our digestive system. Using natural, unadulterated ingredients, cleansing will allow your body to take a break from processing cooked foods.



Cleansing provides rest to the digestive system and helps to heal your digestive organs; a nourished colon will make you feel energetic. It’s also a great way to get rid of addictions and bad habits, and reduce cravings. However, avoid a cleanse if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Cleanses can also compliment weight loss programs, while releasing unwanted toxins as you gain nutrition and shed bloating.


What Should I do Before I do a Cleanse?

To get the full benefits of cleansing, prepare your body in advance. Make slight changes to your food intake 2 -5 days before.


As soon as you wake up and before you brush your teeth, drink 1/2 to 1 litre of room-temperature water with the juice of one lemon. This will help flush any toxins that might have accumulated overnight. It will also get your digestive system ready for the day ahead.


Completely stop consuming sugar, processed and refined foods and drinks, fried foods, caffeine, meat, dairy, gum, soda, and alcohol.


Please drink more water than usual (one extra litre per day) and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. The day before your cleanse begins, you should be eating at least 95% raw fruit and vegetables.


What Should I Expect During a Cleanse?

Drinking lots of water is a key to the success of a cleanse. Water consumption should include your morning litre of lemon water, and in addition to that, another 2-3 litres of water throughout the day. Please wait at least 20 minutes before and after eating or drinking juice to consume your water, as the extra liquid slows your digestive system.


Some people have found they feel more energized and have increased clarity of mind after a cleanse, along with glowing skin and flatter stomachs, as they lose unwanted weight (especially after the third day). However, a cleanse can also make you break out, feel sluggish, experience sore muscles, headaches, or cold-like symptoms. If you experience any of these side effects, know that this means the detoxification has begun.


Maintain Results Post the Cleanse

The correct way to break your cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself. You need to gradually re-introduce cooked foods into your diet. It’s recommended that post your cleanse, your first meal should be a berry smoothie. After that, stay with a 95% raw diet for 2 days, consisting mainly of salads and fresh fruit. It is also important to eat slowly, chew your food well, and eat small portions frequently throughout the day.


Your detox program ends as soon as you reintroduce cooked foods into your diet. It is essential not to move too quickly into heavy cooked foods, because you can shock your system and make yourself feel quite sick.


How do I get the required proteins while doing a juice cleanse?

The various nut milks and green juices provide you with the required amount of proteins. These are complete proteins that are easily assimilated into your body.


Will I lose weight when doing a juice cleanse?

The main goal of a juice cleanse is to eliminate as many toxins as possible, and to replenish the body with essential nutrients, not to lose weight. A cleanse can be the perfect way to start applying better eating habits to your life, and hence live healthier.


Why Cold-Pressed?

Cold-pressed method has proven to yield 3-5x more nutrients than other methods. Slow pressing eliminates heat from the juicing process, and decreases oxygenation, in order to create better tasting, more nutritionally beneficial juices! This is different from conventional juicing methods, which move very quickly, leave much of the nutrient content behind in the pulp, and generate heat from high speed motors, which introduces oxygen into the juice. All these factors contribute to  diminishing its nutritional profile. The cold-pressed method delivers maximum enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants, all through delicious tasting juice.


Can My Child Drink Cold-Pressed Juices?

Cold-pressed juices definitely represent a creative way for children to get their recommended daily dose of fruit and vegetables. Cold-pressed juice is a great addition to any daily routine, and is an excellent alternative to sugary drinks or heat-pasteurized juices, which are void of nutrition.


Can I Drink Cold-Pressed Juices During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

Organic cold-pressed juices are a great way to introduce whole food based nutrition into your balanced diet. Still, please consult with your personal physician before incorporating cold-pressed juices into your daily routine if pregnant or breastfeeding. Cleansing is generally not advised while pregnant or nursing.


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