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Why Choose Organic Food from Berry Tree for Babies?

 Choosing fresh and natural food and ingredients for your baby can be a task. Here’s the lowdown on the what organic food really is, and what you could be feeding you little one.

What is Organic Food?

Organic food can be defined as a food product that is made using organically grown ingredients (fruit and vegetables), essentially grown without any artificial additives that help enhance taste, shelf- life or appearance. Organically grown produce tends to be healthier and cleaner than their non-organic substitutes. The main reason parents choose organic food is to restrict the amount of toxins that go into their baby’s body. There are, of course, food products that are important for babies to consume, that aren’t (or cant be) grown organically; it is therefore even more important to choose organic produce or products made from them to help maintain the balance of natural nutrition in your baby’s body. an organic diet also strengthens that baby’s immune system.

Why Use Organic Produce for Your Baby’s Food?

Explained simply, organic farming is a way of producing crops that are fresh and tasty, while respecting the natural life-cycle systems. We say respecting the natural life-cycle system because the farmers follow a number of objectives and principles in their daily practices to ensure that the agricultural system operates as naturally as possible. These typically include using natural fertilisers like locally produced manure,responsible use of energy and natural resources, maintenance of biodiversity,rotation of crops to use on-site resources efficiently.Farmers that produce organic crops take pride in their work and need to be motivated to grow further.
Organic farming is tedious and time consuming, but the end product is extremely satisfying. It means that the food is free of certain conventional fertilisers and pesticides, and is entirely free of any genetically modified organisms. A long list of quality checks certify produce as organic; there are organisations that prescribe standards and have regular tests to ensure quality.



Imagine picking ripe organic fruit, and peeling and mashing them together into a thick puree, for easy digestion. This is exactly what an organic fruit puree is – a combination of healthy organic fruit, full of natural nutrition and taste. Get your baby to accept new flavours, once the weaning process begins! Berry Tree purees are ready-to-feed, vegetarian and gluten free, and come in flavours like Apple Banana, Apple Strawberry Banana, and Pear Mango puree.


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Image source: 700childrens.nationwidechildrens.org