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Post Pregnancy Weight : Here’s what Men are Thinking

So you’ve given birth to a gorgeous baby, and the pounds have found a home in your thighs and midriff. You’re eating right, working out, the works, but these things take time to take effect. So you’re finally ready to spice things up between the sheets, but your body isn’t what it used to be. You feel wild and free in bed, but there’s a nagging feeling about how your hips are looking, or breasts are sagging… so what’s he going to be thinking?


We asked 8 Daddies about what they thought about their significant others post pregnancy bodies. Here’s what they had going on, while you were worrying about stretch marks.


I’m the one Neglected!

I’m the sort of husband that tries to make her feel better, and willingly chips in, both with the house stuff and with the child. It is difficult, maybe even impossible, to explain how things change post childbirth. Truth is, I sometimes feel neglected, as a lot of my wife’s attention is directed at the baby. Sometimes I wish it would occur to her – it’s not the weight that bothers me, I actually wish she’d step up the attention and time she gives me… and us!


It’s only Natural

My wife biggest concern were the stretch marks post pregnancy. But I always told her stretch marks were going to happen; anytime you throw on 25 pounds in a matter of months, it’s hard for them to not creep in! Seriously though, it means nothing when love you her unconditionally.


Work on that Libido!

My wife is petite. She made a commitment to get herself down to her pre-pregnancy weight as quickly as possible. For me it didn’t matter. If her body changed a little, so what. Everyone’s does over time anyway. The drop in libido is a big concern, but we worked hard to make sure we kept it alive. Yes, you will be stressed, lose sleep and be totally focused on caring for someone who has tremendous needs. But don’t forget to take care of yourself. Take time to catch up on sleep, stay in contact with friends, and especially with your partner. Drop the baby off at mom’s and go on a real date. Plan sex (yes, you probably will have to plan). I’m happy to do the planning! I would tell my wife, “don’t make any plans tomorrow night”, and she would know it was on!


All Wife, to All Mum

Sometime I feel weight isn’t a problem, it’s the nagging that comes with the wife turned new mom attitude. I guess it comes with the territory, like the weight gain does. As long as she doesn’t give up on her body, and she’s eating healthy and right – I’m a happy man.


What Makes her Happy…

I personally don’t care what weight she is, as long as she is happy; that’s what counts. Although I do have reservations about her putting on more weight after pregnancy, and I have talked to her about this as she is also concerned. She isn’t completely happy with her size at the moment, but it is something we discussed as adults, not as shallow individuals. It’s not like the world is going to end if she puts on or loses a little weight; I’m not shallow enough for that to affect my relationship with her.


I Love her for her

I wouldn’t want stretch marks on the girls in the porn I watch, but the body of the woman I love is perfect because it is hers. I love her breasts, not because they are big or little or round; I love them because they are hers. So if you are thinking about becoming a model, then yeah, it’s important. But if you are more interested in intimate walks and talks in the park, and a committed life together, nah we won’t even notice. Especially when we are horny. We are just relieved that we have a body and soul that we connect with. The bottom line is, once you ladies become the mothers of our children, you take on a new role. The physicality of it all becomes a smaller piece of the whole picture. You are now a mom. And that’s hot!


Just a Beautiful Reminder

My wife’s post-pregnancy stretch marks are lovely to me. Every time I see them, I think of the lovemaking that led to the conception of our beautiful children. I get very emotional about it sometimes. Her belly ‘pouch’ causes the same kind of reaction at times. I find that some of our women friends who have gained weight or still have some belly find their husbands’ fascination with it to be a source of shame or embarrassment. I don’t think those husbands have explained themselves clearly.


Hello Hormones!

I found my wife super sexy while she was pregnant. I wasn’t particularly attracted to her being big, but I wasn’t turned off either. I guess it just ran its natural course. She was also very sexy because she was hormonal and needed sex, and her desire and confidence made her very sexy. (Almost as though she didn’t care how she looked – if she wanted sex, she had to have it, and I certainly obliged!) Her attitude made her sexy. I miss her being pregnant!