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Pregnancy Pampering : What’s Safe?


Nothing takes the edge off stress, exhaustion, swollen feet, and frizzy unwashed hair, like a good day of primping and pampering. But you’ve likely heard some scary rumours – hair dye causes birth defects, pedicures trigger labour – that may have you thinking twice about your next salon session. What’s urban legend and what’s fact?


Ankita Shanker, Owner of several Toni&Guy outlets in Delhi debunks the truth about booking that rubdown, mani-pedi, and more, and lays down facts for what they are.


Hair Colouring

The concern used to be that chemicals from the dye would be absorbed by your scalp, which may in turn affect your fetus. However, no studies done support that theory, meaning your doctor will tell you to go ahead and relax during your salon visit. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of hair dye but hate to not look your best, test out other methods—such as temporary dye or the ombre trend— that don’t sit on your scalp. While you don’t want to be exposed constantly, dyeing your hair once or twice is unlikely to be a major problem.



A massage is a fantastic thing during pregnancy. It helps soothe stress, improve circulation, and ease aches and pains, but it’s important that the therapist be knowledgeable about pregnancy body changes. If you want to lie on your belly, look for spas that offer special cut-out tables, otherwise you’ll likely be on your side. Prone to nausea? Fess up. Your therapist may opt to use unscented oil (it’s less likely to trigger a bathroom run).



Sure, the scents and smells in a salon might bother you, but it’s perfectly fine to pamper your toes and hands if you need time to relax. You’d have to be exposed to the harsh chemicals all the time for them to affect you and the baby. A likelier problem is nausea, if the salon’s not well-ventilated. Some of those fumes are pretty strong, so ask to sit by the door or a window if you get queasy easily.



There’s no way to predict how your skin will change over these nine months, and a facial can be a great way to help adjust to differences in texture and moisture. But your complexion may be a lot more sensitive now, so you definitely want to skip harsh peels and microdermabrasion. As with massages, make sure your aesthetician knows if you have any major smell aversions. And once you’re past the first trimester, ask to be propped up with pillows so you’re not lying flat on your back – this position can slow circulation and make you feel dizzy.



Safe to schedule in trimesters 1 and 2. Know your pain tolerance for trimester 3! Waxing while expecting is totally fine – if you’re used to it. Very intense pain – especially late in pregnancy – can prompt contractions, which is not good if you’re not yet past 37 weeks.


Creating a baby is a beautiful thing, and it shouldn’t make you feel ugly.


If there’s a common concern about your beauty routine we may have missed, feel free to reach out to the team of experts and fully trained hair and beauty technicians at Toni and Guy – Chattarpur.



Ankita Shanker is the face behind the Toni & Guy at Chattarpur and also the one at New Friends Colony. Being a hospitality graduate from the Taj Group and after attaining an MBA degree from Symbiosis, Ankita started her career in the hospitality industry as the Marketing Head for the Marriott. As a young female entrepreneur, she believes in offering state of the art services at her salons, which excel in global concepts in hair styling and beauty and combine consistent, contemporary and convenient services.