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PVR Superplex In Noida offers a Dedicated Theatre for Kids


Movie lovers, it’s time to make a trip to Noida. The folks from PVR have upped the ante – a 15 screen experience, with films in five different cinema formats, right from North India’s first IMAX, to Gold Class, Premiere, 4DX and Playhouse, all the PVR Superplex, opened at the Logix City Centre Mall.


Here’s Catering to you Kid

The Playhouse is a first of its kind, 49-seater mini theatre, dedicated to young children. Think colourful bean-bags, 3D glasses matching the themes of trending films, and mini-popcorn tubs. Can’t get the little one to sit through a film? Fret not, there’s even a small play area for super tiny tots, for when they’re distracted and can’t sit still. The coolest part? Parents can join their little ones to watch a film, or simply sign them up and catch another show at one of the many theatres! Every show comes with two female child minders (for kids over the age of two), for unaccompanied children. The spot even caters to birthday parties, with a special seat for the birthday girl or boy.


And for Parents and Chaperones…

Say hello to 4 DX, where films are accompanied by special effects like wind, water and motion, amongst others, bringing your cinematic experience to life. You can also choose to experience the 388-seater IMAX screen, relax in a Gold Class seat, or opt for one of the nine mainstream theatres.


Where: The Logix City Centre, Noida ( 2-minute walk from the Noida City Centre Metro station)

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