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Redress your little one with RIDRESS Mini Me



Kids fashion almost completely repeats adult fashion trends today. Customised kids clothing, matching mother-kiddy outfits and ‘kids-only’ fashion walks act as a vigorous catalyst for escalation of the kid’s fashion globally.


The world of children’s fashion is as much fabulous as it is fun! From babies in beanies to toddlers in tiny boots they know it all and want it all!


Riddhika Khanna,Founder : Ridress shares tips, trends and styles for the mini-me in your life.


For me, having a daughter, has been a real dressing up treat! Bows, Ribbons and colourful sundresses -she loves them. While it’s amazing to dress them in the pinks and trends, its important to keep few things  in mind when dressing up your little ones!


COMFORT : She could look like a princess in that beautiful lacy dress you juts bough but there’s no fun having a cranky princess in the house.


FABRIC: Is by far the most important factor while dressing your kids. The fabric has to be top quality, in the summer- lightweight cotton fabrics in variances of voile, rayon & cambric. Think breezy, breathable fabrics in fun prints and colors and you cant go wrong!


FIT: The clothes should never be too tight or too loose. Choose something that is easy to go down your child’s neck.


LAYERS: One rule I like to follow is dress your child how you’d like to be dressed. Over-layering is something most mothers indulge in, with the pre-text of protecting their child, but its not essentially necessary not to mention uncomfortable for the little one.


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  • Quirky Patches- Quirky patches on funky prints and bright colours
  • Plaid and Stripes – Shirts and skirts, your little fashionista is all set
  • Bright Laces , Pom Pom, crochet – they don’t ever go out of fashion and will always have your mini-me look like a princess




At RIDRESS, they went a step ahead to redefine CUTE by introducing their all new Mini Me collection. This range includes wonderful dresses with a variety of pleasing designs for the beautiful moms and their little ones. Each of their outfits designed for the mothers are also designed exactly the same for their little ones. So, be it a mother-daughter or a mom-son bond, when you walk down the lane together, every eye will stare at the new level of cuteness.


Smart,chic, unique patterns, bright colors and FUN – every apparel here promises to be a reflection of who you are !


So, what are you waiting for! Grab a beautiful pair for yourself and your little one and let the cuteness flow






By Ridhika Khanna: 

Mommy to a little princess, Ridhika is the Founder of RIDRESS, A women’s clothing label that cultivates elegant outfits for the girl who loves to travel, read, explore, experiment and just in general, be herself. Her collection covers an array of styles and varies to suit the ever-elusive mood and lifestyle of this girl, who is always on the move!


Don’t forget to check out her all new Mini Me collection. This range includes wonderful dresses with a variety of pleasing designs for the beautiful mothers and their little ones.