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Reet Kapur : Playing a sport teaches you to be a good team player!

When I was growing up , I frankly saw very few mothers who were physically fit.Remember, being Slim is very different than being fit ! I could rattle off the names on my finger tips. As I grew up and became a good sportsman and athlete, I thought it would just last for a few years. Surely fitness came with an expiry date and soon I would be a 25 year old married woman who had religiously followed diets to her illusion of fitness.
I was nervous to lose my strive for fitness because that’s what had formed my personality, I learnt to be a good loser because of all the things I learnt on the Hockey field – I learnt to push myself a bit more for that extra millimeter in long jump and I learnt to sometimes pass the basketball to someone else so ‘We’ could win.


It wasn’t my ‘average’ 85 % that got me into Delhi University but rather my hockey skills. I played through college and ran my way through Delhi’s first Half- Marathon. Then I got engaged and married and I thought this is the end of me cartwheeling my way through Lodi Garden. I kept running and playing basketball till I got pregnant & then finally three months after my daughter was born, a heavier me (14 kgs up) went into the garden and decided to attempt a cartwheel and I managed!


That was all I needed to break my mindset of mothers can’t be physically fit and a child takes away your ability to play a sport. I started again slowly , learning persistence from my daughter and learning patience from my own extra weight (which patiently sat on my hips) to reach the goal I had set for myself .


We , as urban families today give fitness no importance when it comes to our children . Children – with their unbounded energy and absorbent minds – can pick up any sport and enjoy it . Playing a sport teaches them to be good team players, to respect their teammates & the rules, to be good losers and gracious winners and it fills them with confidence and security. My parents gave me the gift of fitness when I was a child and it has always held me in good stead, let’s do the same for our children!


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