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Say ‘YAY’ to Sony Yay – Sony’s Kids channel in India

Sony Pictures Network adds an exclusive kid’s channel ‘Sony Yay! ’ into its portfolio.


Sony YAY!  Branded as the “Destination for Unlimited Happiness,” the channel will target young viewers from 2 to 14 years old with a quartet of original animated series from local studios.


Launched with 4 in-house series, here’s a sneak peak into story lines and what’s on air –
Guru Aur Bhole is an animated musical comedy about best friend Guru and Bhole, who use the former’s magic music and the latter’s dance powers to escape sticky situations.


Sab Jholmaal Hai is a madcap comedy centered on an odd group of pets — two mischievous cats, a talking parrot and a high-strung watchdog — who get into trouble when their human is away.


Prince Jai aur Dumdaar Viru is an action-comedy in a timeless setting that blends traditions and modernity. The show follows a Prince and a commoner who are best friends and embark on adventures that pit their strength and smarts against the Prince’s scheming minister.


Paap-O-Meter is a distinctive comedy about ghosts, and particularly about the Bhoot boss and his two assistants, Thakela and Pakela, who are sent to Planet Earth to stabilize and increasingly chaotic situation with the help of their special “Paap-O-Meter” detector.


Sony Yay! will be available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages across direct-to-home (DTH).