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Shalini Chopra Bakliwal : Mom you are weird !

‘Mom you are weird!!’ I listen to this statement almost every other day! It’s hilarious how the brats think they are smarter in every way possible. I never thought my pronunciation would be checked by ‘these two’, like I made fun of my mother, lovingly, I thought!!


So becoming a mother was too in my ‘to do’ list ever since it was my legal age to child bearing. So then the reason to get married of course, was made clear to my ‘to be’.
Motherhood happened, soon enough and this ‘white being’ arrived in my life and took over every inch and part of it.
I do think age sort of prepares you to handle your emotions better, as in you can tell your mother and the in law what you and think is right and let’s keep it that way!


My ‘puppy’ was all over the place in no time and in my hurry to add to the population of ‘ Bharat’, I was belching once again. But- guess what saddened me mixed with the joy of giving the pup a companion, was the fact that I had to wean him from breastfeeding!!


Aah yes, breastfeeding! I was labelled the ‘gaon wali’, and basically the backward woman who breastfed her young one like an animal! I simply had no qualms, and I mean no qualms in popping the ever sterilised, just the right temperature milk in my baby’s mouth as and when required. Viraj had his own name for it, ‘mangamang’ whatever!
Yes, I still feel warm and happy when I think of the time and it was no different for the next in line.


I was propelled to work, for a damn right reason, and I had to leave the little one at home. Motherhood goes hand in hand with guilt, I’m sure all moms feel the same way. I did too!


Yes, overall a journey of love, laughter, lots of it..of cuddles and fun. The security they pass on to me as a mother is far greater than what I can give them! I marvel at the creation sometimes, of how this little thing, as little and pink as a piglet can change our lives, pull at a heart and make us do things unimaginable.


I do see them growing into their own, very different from what I think I have been. I’m excited, curious to know what choices they will make, I nudge them to take the path unknown and find their way, and of course live a life that’s anything but ordinary and mundane… Like mine has never been.