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Shayari Singh : First time parent experience

Something about our new parents experience- Five months ago we were presented with the dearest gift life gives you- a curious little angel, so frail and incorruptible! Our lives changed dramatically as only new parents can know!


Babies are cute and cozy bundles of unpredictability and us parents tend to become their minions in the first few months. During this phase it helps to remember a few things. Firstly, your little drill master will grow up ten-fold physically and emotionally in the coming months.


They WILL become now and forever your foremost priority and responsibility! And your baby learns from you every step of the way; so you have got to be super excited superheroes every day to keep her/him in a positive and active place. Being a parent comes with an unparalleled kind of love and awe. You have never felt it before. The thumb rule of raising a baby is that we must let our little ones know they are loved each day.


Happy parenting to all!