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Shefali Pascricha : Motherhood – The fastest way to an extreme makeover!

Hi, welcome to motherhood!! – The fastest way to an extreme makeover! Well don’t get me wrong, I am a mother to two most beautiful girls – my heartbeats, but my mother never mentioned just how “ refurbished ” you get the minute those two red lines become visible.
From extreme hysteria (all is well and fertile) to growing and happily flaunting the bump, motherhood is really the most exciting, interesting and happy journeys I have ever experienced.
Motherhood is the greatest joy, and patience is the greatest quality that kids bless you with. The terrible two’s led me to believe meditation can help and how. When my two-year decided to scrub my phone because she thought it was “too dirty”. Well keep calm, breathe out and sip the Merlot! In most cases like these, you begin to realize the therapeutic qualities of wine.


Motherhood also gets you to let go of all your insecurities. Life is not longer about that Birkin and Loubs, but more about sharing and learning from each other’s emotions, ideas and experiences. This common thread binds us all into a beautiful mommy bow!! Each one must live motherhood by her rules, learn from her own mistakes and laugh at her own experiences. How else would she be christened “Ma”! Oh yes and strange as it may sound, you will be ready to let go a night of crazy partying to sitting in your pyjamas watching your kids entertain you.


Also two experiences can never be the same – motherhood can also teach you that chalk and cheese need the same treatment – emotionally and psychologically. Older one is an extrovert, younger one is an introvert, one likes food, other, behaves she is on a 41 day fast (hope it was for a good cause); one can run away from a fly, the younger one can squash it. But in all their madness, they come together and make it all worth your experiments.


My darlings have given my body and me a new identity – which they re phrase every other day from mom to mommy to mumsy to mama. Their little hugs, cat fights, smiles, tears and just about every thing makes me want me just pause their childhood a little more. For soon they will be little birds ready to fly out. As mommies, nothing and absolutely nothing compares to the unconditional love, trust and time we can give our children.


I have grown each day with them, un-learnt and re-learnt from all their experiences. And hope one day they will be my best friends, just as my sister and I are to my mom. I wish I can be half a good mom to them as mine has been with us. It’s a job well done!