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Shivali Shakdher : Mama’s Got a Brand New job!


In Conversation with
Shivali Shakdher
Founder of ToothFairy Design



Always a dreamer…even as a young girl playing away with my Barbie dolls, the one thought which always got etched in my mind was “Barbie can transform into anything.”


That is the essence of fairy tales. The hero or heroine overcomes all odds to achieve their dream. The tussle between family and career is not a new one. Really, there is no magical answer for the motherhood versus career dilemma that women face, but the silver lining is this: Women, who have arguably been conditioned by every childhood fairytale to see themselves in the position of the rescued, have now, in this society found themselves to be their own families’ rescuers.Thus, fades away the image of Prince Charming and the Fair Maiden.


” We can now, therefore make our own choices! While we can’t literally have it all, We can make our own choices! We can choose, what feels right and makes us happy…! “


The ‘ToothFairy’ journey

ToothFairy( Kids Designer Stationery) began as a passion project and work of love for me in 2014.  At that time, mother to a tiny toddler, setting up a design studio seemed almost like a herculean task! Bored with baby-sitting and ambitious, the real threat to what I wanted in life was TIME.  And that is when I realized there is No Work Life Balance, Only Hard-core Decisions!

Tooth Fairy - 2


What was your ‘Aha Moment’ 

Restless and listlessly toying with the computer (I was on a maternity break for 3 years!), watching my 3-year-old stare fixatedly at Disney pictures scattered all over the floor, is when my big ‘aha moment’ came! Why should I not start my own venture of designing kids customised stationery items? Why should only adults have the luxury of owning branded things…why couldn’t kids have their own personalised stationery too! BINGO!!! That is when I shifted gears from Motherhood to fulfilling my dream of running my own invitation and personalized gift  company. Creating personalized stationery for kids, making beautiful invitations, thank you notes, party accents and custom gifts for all occasions helped me get my creative juices flowing. I was back in the game!!


Advice to other moms going the entrepreneurial way

Women entrepreneurs have struggled long to break the glass ceiling, but today with the game-change, they are widely accepted and encouraged by their family and peers. Their achievements and their ability to juggle things at home and professionally with greater media coverage creating awareness, have gone a long way in viewing success as more than a gender issue!
Thus, history and fairy tales teach us a critical lesson: things are not always as they appear. Heroes and Heroines do exist- Just that their gender need not be defined!


Tell us something about ToothFairy
Tooth Fairy Design is a one-stop shop for chic and unique personalized kid,s essentials. It has gathered the best of the best in personalized items to bring to its customers. ToothFairy understands that the joy of giving is as much fun as the joy of receiving. It’s all about celebrating life’s best moments with personalized gifts for all occasions. Tooth Fairy’s clientele, includes many repeat customers which confirms that their shopping experience with us has been unique and satifactory!


What can we find in the ToothFairy treasure box?

Tooth Fairy’s range of products include ; Thankyou Cards, Personalized Envelopes,Gift Tags,Labels,Stickers,Wrapping Sheets,Note Pads,Wine Bags,Gift Boxes,Personalized Return Gifts




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