Mee Mee Fun Learning Laptop

Mee Mee

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This Mee Mee Fun Learning Laptop, Multi-Colour, is a handy and battery-operated laptop for children with alphabets, numbers and objects on it. It helps the children recognise the alphabet, numbers and objects and also improves the intellectual skill of the child. The melodious sound also helps the child to sing with it.

Delivery Time: 7 - 14 days
Return Policy: This product cannot be returned / exchanged


  • The mouse in the laptop for children has a feature of gliding easily. It helps the children to select the alphabet and music that is seen on the screen. It helps children to navigate the information present on the screen. This kids' learning toy is ideal for development at an early age.
  • This item has an animated screen which is sure to grab a child's attention. The sweet and cute visuals with melodious music as well as songs make this laptop for children more fun to use.
  • This product can help to improve the learning ability of children. It also enhances their cognitive abilities, improves language skills, boosts memory and sharpens the intellect in the child. The laptop for children motivates them to learn the alphabet, numbers and objects with sounds and songs.
  • This is a battery-operated learning laptop for kids and it requires three AA batteries. It has multiple colours in it to make it especially attractive. Mee Mee fun learning laptop


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