Rolling Peg Ball

Shumee Toys

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This easy to clutch and roll wooden toy, provides the perfect exercise for tiny hands and fingers and develops hand-eye coordination. 

Babies are fascinated by the bright yellow ball with 6 pegs that pop in and out as the ball is rolled. 

Keeps your little ones engaged for hours at a time as they explore shapes and discover movement. 

Multi-coloured pegs enhance tactical and visual stimulation, while rolling encourages crawling and walking. 

Meant only for rolling, this sturdy natural wooden toy is safe for young children. 

Ages: 6 months+

Skills : Fine Motor, Gross Motor,Sensory, Creativity, Self Expression

Delivery Time: 7 - 14 days
Return Policy: This product cannot be returned / exchanged


Material: Made from Alibizia wood and non-toxic paints and colours, it is a safe and eco-friendly. 

Dimensions:L: 5 cm x B: 5 cm x H: 5 cm


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