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A reusable cloth diaper that provides all the benefits of disposable diapers in the goodness of cloth. The diaper comes in a small (new-born) size to fit tiny babies from birth till about 4 months.Superbottoms Plus diaper is ideally suited for night-time diapering or for heavy wetting babies.

Delivery Time: 7 - 14 days
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This pack contains

  • One Superbottoms plus with attached soaker with suede dry - feel, and 1 additional bamboo cotton soaker - attachable with a snap. The additional soaker is to be placed BELOW the attached soaker.
  • The entire diaper is lined with a dry-feel microsuede lining which stays dry even if baby urinates on it. This gives baby is stay-dry feel all through the night.
  • The diaper comes with an additional booster soaker which can be used with the attached soaker. Together these 2 soakers can last 7-8+ hours for most babies.
  • The diaper in total contains 9 layers of SUPER absorbent and high quality organic bamboo cotton.
  • The diaper also has a back pocket for additional soakers if required. 


  • Washing cloth diapers is simple and easy. Cloth diapers can be washed like regular garments in machine or by hand. 
  • Use regular detergents such as Surf / Tide and not liquid detergents containing conditioners / fabric softeners or fragrances. These additives can cling to the fabric affecting absorbency and also irritating babyês delicate skin. 
  • Also no Detergent bar and use of brush allowed. 
  • The diapers can also be dried in machine or sun dried.

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