The Smart Detective Box


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Smarty Pod stars in this action packed activity box filled with over 50 items across 6 activities, including 2 spectacular bonus activities! This box can be enjoyed by your little one along with friends. Races to be won, mysteries to be solved and cases to be cracked… children are sure to love this unique box. So get your child to put on a detective cap, bring out your magnifying glass and watch your little one turn into a Smart Detective.

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  • Hands-on learning activities for children that are based on independent play.
  • 6 unique activities to turn your child into a smart detective wit fun mystery and spy activities.
  • Includes a fingerprint pattern kit, a fun SPY puzzle, a ribbon maze game, memory coin game, Pod story book, and more!
  • Free Pod plush toy included and a Certificate of Achievement to award the child.
  • Packaged in colourful fabric drawstring bags and a reusable drawer box.


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