Brush Lettering Kit With 12 Brush Pens


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Get a handle on drawing elegant lettering with the project book for lessons and inspiration, 42 chalkboard sticker labels with chalks, watercolor cake, a diary for practice and 12 brush pens.

You’ve no doubt seen how fast lettering has built steam on Instagram, Pinterest and other sites. Even if you're completely new to lettering--or even to making art entirely!--these tips, techniques, and materials, will have you completing project after project. With this Kit you'll be experimenting with cursive script, getting your feet wet with brush lettering, and embellishing and illuminating hand-lettered artwork on day one.

This all-in-one art guide is perfect for the artist in your life. The highly giftable kit brings everything an artist needs for a weekend of artistic fun, or a new skill for a lifetime.


  • Worksheet with step by step instructions on lines, patterns, numbers, alphabets and words
  • Tips on how to write quotes and handmade notes
  • Watercolor cake with a brush
  • Diary to practice your newly learnt skill
  • 42 magnetic chalkboard stickers 
  • Chalks
  • 12 Brush pens


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