Wooden Number Building Jigsaw Puzzle - Elephant


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This remarkable puzzle toy is fun to play right from the start!! It teaches A-Z English Alphabets and Numbers to preschool kids in a fun and interesting way.

  • Delivery Time: 7 - 14 days
  • Return Policy: This product cannot be returned/exchanged.


  • Minimum Recommended Age: 3+ Years
  • Package Contents: 10 Pieces With 1 Pouch
  • Kids can have a joyful time when they try to assemble wooden blocks until they shape them into a colorful Elephant.
  • It is good for their motor skills, thinking, shape, color recognition skills. They also learn sequencing, beginning from A at the top of the puzzle and ending with Z at the end.
  • It also teaches young learners about everyday animals like the Elephant, and is great for their confidence, when they achieve making the Elephant.


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