Box Of Fantasy

Shumee Toys

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Let you kids unbox the 'box of fantasy'. Loaded with farm animal twistees, monster snap cards, monstor colouring sheet and a mommy to me maze. Perfect play box for 2+ year olds.

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What's Inside:

  • Farm Animal Twistees: Say cockadoodle-moo! Here’s a new spin to familiar animal friends. The heads, bodies, and tails of these animal toys can be separated and fixed back any way your child sees fit. Helps build imagination, fine motor skills, and concentration.

  • Monster Snap Cards: A fun card game for picnics, parties, and rainy days! There are 52 cards in every pack: 13 monsters with four of each kind. The goal is to win all the monsters. When you see matching monsters cry 'snap' as fast as you can and they are yours! Improves social skills, dexterity, and concentration.

  • Monster Colouring Sheet: A fun colouring activity for your little one. Let them bring their favourite monsters to life!

  • Mommy-to-Me Maze: An activity maze that involves helping baby animals reach their mo


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