Everyday Inventions Activity Box


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Did you know how toothpaste was invented? Come find out! This pack is filled with 26 repeatable activities that teach your child about incredible everyday inventions from A to Z! With our unique Write and Wipe format, each of these activities can be practiced again and again!

Whats inside:

  • 26 Repeatable activities,6 Double-sided mats,2 Skilly Billy magnetic pens,1 Duster cloth,1 Welcome Letter,1 Skilly Billy Achievement Certificate

  • Ages: 6-9 years

Delivery Time: 4 - 7 days
Return Policy: This product cannot be returned or exchanged


  • Key Skills: Problem Solving,Creative Thinking,Focus and Attention,Writing,Reading and Comprehension
  • Key Learning Outcomes: Patterns and Strokes,Alphabet and Numbers,Writing Words,Colours and Shapes,Body Parts,Calendar Planning,Creating Sentences


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