Sand Art With Magnetic Pen

Skola Toys

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Move the magnet tipped pen with random strokes to move the metallic piece through the grains creating tracks and outlines. For ages 2+.

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  • This clever toy, has a small metal piece inside a frame filled with grains. The child uses the magnet tipped pen to move the metal piece around to create tracks/ outlines which in turn forms patterns. Children love to engage with this toy, and can sit for long hours creating various patterns and erasing them by simply shaking the frame and allowing the grains to fall back.
  • Moving an object using a writing implement, and creating patterns is an excellent start to develop writing skills. It strengthens the muscles in the hand and fingers in a completely stress free manner. The excitement of creating patterns in the sand spur children to play more with this toy. Creating patterns in the sand helps the child understand how to move a pencil/ crayon better to produce a certain outcome. An ingenious way to help the child develop crucial pre-writing skills!


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