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‘Smart’ socks that let parents track baby’s health

Now you can monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen from your smartphone!


The Owlet Baby Monitor or smart sock, as it’s called, tracks vitals like heart rate, oxygen levels, temperature, and sleep habits, including a roll-over alert to ease the universal anxiety of new parents, sending notice if the baby turns face down in the crib. All this data beams to an app where parents can check up on a child’s health and movement on their smartphone.


The product comes in 4 sizes and  is a two-part device. It includes a small bootie that fits on your child’s foot and a base station that sits next to your bed. These two components communicate, so when the monitor senses abnormal oxygen levels or heart rate for your child, the base station then sets off an appropriate alarm.


While it is priced on the higher side at $249 and available on Amazon – the sense of security is priceless!