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Splish Splash : What To Keep In Mind Before The Swimming Season



The weather is heating up and we foresee a whole summer spent at the pool. Clearly it’s time to checkout swimming pools around town and get the little ones ready for swimming season.


Here’s what to keep in mind:


Swim with them: Be in the water with them, especially if they start very young ( less than 2).For the older ones, ensure there is an instructor around at all times. This builds their confidence and reduces the initial fear.


Float before Swim: Teach them how to float first. Anything that ensures that their heads remain out will help them to stay calm, keep their head above water, and breathe until they learn the right techniques.


Make it fun: Whether you enroll them in a class or coach on your own, make the lesson fun. Kids learn by playing. The more you can make learning to swim fun for your kids, the more they’ll like it. From kicking techniques to hand movements, think of a game, a song, anything that gets them to enjoy being in the water.


Let them learn at their pace: It’s not any competition of who learnt back flip first – each child has a different learning curve, have patience and let them learn at their own pace. his may seem like common sense, but it’s important not to pressure the next step. Allowing your child to choose what the next step will  be empowering for them.


Pick the right floaties:  Yes there are tons of  floaties , arm rings and swimming rings that you would love to “add to cart”, but experts advise against them. Not only can they give children a false sense of security, but they discourage proper form because they force their body to be vertical instead of horizontal in the water. However incase you do want to pick one, ensure that you get a good sturdy swimming ring instead of the arm bands – the most stylish might not be the safest!


Keep the Gear Simple: Comfort before style – In swimming there are tons of ‘toys’ so don’t get carried away. To start, you will need a proper training suit and goggles.


Make it a routine: Like everything else, make swimming classes a routine, once they get used to the schedule – it’ll be something they look forward to.


Don’t lose your child’s trust : 

  • Don’t throw your child into the water to teach them to swim, ever.
  • Don’t force your child into water without preparing them.
  • Don’t deny it if your child has a scary moment.
  • Don’t trick your child or lie.


Picking a swimming class for your little one ?

Take the time to consider the following four factors when choosing a swim program for your child — especially if she’s fearful.

  • Water temperature
  • Class size
  • Environment of pool and pool area
  • Style of teaching


We’ve done some splashing around town and here are places you can take your kids swimming this season.


We would love to hear your tips as other moms decide to take the plunge, share in the comments below.