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Stock Up: 10 Summer Essentials for Kids



It’s only going to get hotter, and when you’re packing that diaper bag for a day out, it’s imperative you have a list of things you’re going to need to refer to. Mom of two Chhavi Aggarwal lists the 10 essentials that she makes sure she has access to, to keep her little ones happy in the sunshine.


Wardrobe Choices

You want to keep your baby cool, so you might think less is more when it comes to clothing. Not quite true. Choose full length, light-coloured fabrics and softer cotton, which protect the arms and legs. Also consider clothes with built-in sun protection if you’re spending the day outdoors.



If you can get your baby to keep sunglasses on, choose sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. If your little one won’t keep glasses on, choose a visor or hat with a large brim to help shield his/her eyes.


Hats On

Babies in hats are always adorable, but choose a hat for function, not just fashion. Hats to keep the head cool; hats with big brims and those with flaps that cover the ears and the back of the neck; there’s nothing worse than a burned scalp.


Distance from Diapers

Try and give your baby some diaper-free time in order to prevent rashes. Use a lightweight blanket like a snazzy as an extra sun shade, or as a cover when the air-conditioning can get too cold.


Time in the Sun

Keep your baby indoors during peak heat hours, and when you do step out, water resistant SPF 30 or more is mandatory. There is an ongoing debate as to whether chemical sunscreens get absorbed and are potentially dangerous for babies. While there is no proof that these chemicals are toxic, you can play it safe by choosing sunscreens that are made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which sit on the skin, forming a physical barrier. If your baby has sensitive skin, they’ll need stronger sun block. Here’s our list of mom recommended sunscreens.



Aloe Vera essential baby wipes will pretty much take you through the summer. They work wonders with sticky toddlers, especially after meals or snacks in the park and at parties, and especially with those with runny noses.


Snack Cups

Easy to fit into the cup holders in baby car seats, snack cups are perfect for grapes, raisins, nuts, goldfish, berries – basically any snack you want your baby to have easy access to while you’re driving them around town.


Classic Pop Moulds

Invest in these so you and the little one can spend some quality time in the kitchen creating homemade popsicles, and frozen bars. Easy, economical, healthy, and heat busting treats!


Swim Diapers

We’re guessing you’ll be hitting the pool, so you’re going to want to get your hands on some swim diapers. These are reusable diapers, made from a stretchy swimsuit fabric. They are fit for the water, and are easy to change. They also come with matching rash guards.



I know, it seems obvious, right?  But it’s the one thing we can’t stress enough – especially in this record-breaking summer heat. It is SO important to keep your child hydrated, especially if he/she is over 6 months old. Invest in a few good water bottles; we use double-walled aluminum bottles – they’re durable, insulated and lightweight.



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