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Swati Saxena : Parenting 101? Doesn’t exist

Parenting 101? Doesn’t exist. It’s ‘to each his (or her) own’ in this book. Experience it first hand and write your own story. Sure, you can swap stories, share experiences and take a page from others’ books. But as you grow up with your kids you’ll realise that a lot of your parenting skills are the ones that you have home-grown by living them and by tweaking your parents’, grandparents’ and friends’ experiences.


So what am I here for? Well, simply to share my parenting stories which you may or may not want to tweak and use in your book. I am a mother of two beautiful girls who are as different as chalk and cheese. Note to self – same parenting and upbringing does not ensure same behaviour and reaction. They are their own people. So don’t even try the same routine on the second one because the elder would have already warned her about it.


I took a break from my career once my daughter came into our lives, to be a hands-on mom and also because we were moving countries and houses often. By the time we were back in India and I felt a little settled down, five years had gone by and we had our second handful to take care of. I decided it was high time I venture out and do something on my own – something that was for Me, by Me, and of Me. That something turned out to be my own brand of custom made soft furnishings. The past 4 years of building the brand from scratch have been an exhilarating journey for me. Add to that grappling with a full house of kids, studies, play dates, maids and cooks (the types that disappear at a moment’s notice), and a husband firmly but surely fumbling to help me manage all of it.


How do I manage to pull it off? Well, pretty much like the millions of other working/work-from-home/stay-at-home multi-talented and multi-tasking women around the world do. I call my system of working ‘Work-on-the-go”. Frankly, I am blessed to have a supportive spouse and parents who stand by me come what may. Because of them I have been able to build a healthy eco-system around me to help create a work-life balance. Travels, exhibitions and events have seen all of them rise up to the occasion, whether by being present with me or by taking care of the house and children. A big shout-out also goes out to our production team which takes the brunt when I am in one of my ‘mommy moods’. The backend guys are mostly the last to be recognised and I would like to acknowledge these supremely talented workers who are our backbone. The understanding and trust that have become a norm between us allows me the freedom to balance my professional and personal life as I deem to. So with a system somewhat in place, for now, I am able to study with my kids, attend PTMs, play dates, birthday parties et al. , all while working on-the-go.


It hasn’t been a cakewalk for sure, but then that’s the fun of it all. Rather than a battle, it’s been a journey for all of us as a family and we have learnt a lot along the way and continue to do so by living our experiences and by tweaking those of parents like you.