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Switching to Formula Milk ? 8 Formula Milk brands Moms love

Breastfeeding is, no doubt, the best formula for a newborn child.


But, you might face a situation where you have no option but to switch to formula milk. Irrespective of why, which and at what point you switch to formula milk, there is ONE rule you must swear by – choose a formula brand that has all the nutritive ingredients and suits your baby – no vomiting, stomach aches, and gassy stomachs. Each infant is different and what worked for one baby may necessarily not work for yours.


Usually, formula comes in three basic forms:

  • Ready-to-use formula is the most convenient type of formula. It’s rich and thick, and you don’t need to add any water to it before feeding. It’s less likely to constipate babies than powder formula.
  • Concentrated liquid formula, which you pour from a container, you’ll need to mix a little bit of water to it before you give it to your baby.
  • Powdered form: This is the most common type of baby formula available in India and comes in a powdered format with a little scoop. Needs to be mixed well with water before you can feed it to your baby.


#MOMMYHACK : Wondering how much formula to feed your baby, a quick suggestion is to calculate it as per age in months + 1 Oz. For example: If you baby us two months old, then you can give an average of 3 ounces of milk.


We asked mom’s around on what worked for them and here are their recommendations of formula milk that are iron-fortified, contain essential fatty acids like ARA and DHA and don’t cause colic.




Enfamil A+

Enfamil Infant Formula has the closest whey to casein ratio. Along with DHA and Iron, this formula has dual prebiotics that helps babies support their natural defenses.It is a much lighter formula to digest, creates less colic and is highly recommended for premature babies.

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Isomil -Soy Milk Formula

This formula contains high-quality soy protein, making it the most ideal on for lactose intolerant babies. It’s creamier and tastier than any other milk based baby formula. Doctors prescribe this in the case of loose motions too.

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Similac Advance Infant Formula Stage

Recommended for its rich content of minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins, it can be given to infants up to the age of six months. It also contains a special blend of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, choline, iron, taurine, iodine, folic acid, and zinc, which are good for brain cell growth and building a stronger immunity.

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hipp First Infant Milk

A nutritionally complete, whey based, gentle infant milk, which is suitable from birth onwards.Prevents wind, sickness, and constipation. The availability of this one in India sometimes is a bit challenging.

Available at stores: Malik Stores, Shop No 44, Defence Colony Main Market, New Delhi | Dezine Kids, -40, Main Market, Greater Kailash Part 1, New Delhi

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SMA First Infant Formula

It’s thicker than a lot of other formula products in the market and therefore fuller on the stomach. It has Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids along with whey proteins. It is a casein dominant formula.

Available at stores: Radhey Chemist,Shop No. 27, 29, Aurobindo Market,New Delhi | Malik Stores, Shop No 44, Defence Colony Main Market, New Delhi


Earth’s Best Infant Formula with Iron

This formula is all lactose formulation; It’s the closest formula that tastes almost like breast milk. No added corn syrup solids.Contains Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA fatty acids: naturally found in breast milk for baby’s brain and eye development.

Available at stores:  Dezine Kids, -40, Main Market, Greater Kailash Part 1, New Delhi




Holle Organic Instant Formula

Is made from 99% organically grown ingredients.The milk used comes from cows raised on organic biodynamic local farms.Other important ingredients include organic vegetable oils, which provide essential fatty acids for your baby. Organic starch and maltodextrin derived from corn make the Organic Infant Formula 1 creamy and filling. The remaining 1% of ingredients are vitamins and minerals which are necessary for your baby’s development.

Available at stores:  Dezine Kids, -40, Main Market, Greater Kailash Part 1, New Delhi


Nestlé NAN PRO 1 Infant Formula

The most popular formula milk name across households in India, Nan Pro 1 contains B.lactis, a probiotic culture that helps in increasing the number of bifidobacteria in the gut flora of infants. The perfect blend of immunoproteins, fatty acids, and pre­blend nutrients helps foster better immunity and brain development in newborn babies.

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Did you use formula milk to feed your baby? Which brand did you use?
Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.