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Taking care of those tiny teeth – 10 Toothpastes for the little ones

We all know how kids love to put just about anything in their mouths – except when it comes to brushing their teeth everyday!


Finding a toothpaste your toddler likes is often enough to win the battle.


Here’s a list of 10 tooth paste recommendations from moms around the world.




Orajel : This is Fluoride-free and safe even if your child swallows some of it. It comes in 3 fun fruity flavours.


Spiffies Toothwipes : These are nice nubby towellettes that remove plaque (stuck sugars) from the teeth. Great introduction for babies and toddlers for a happy first experience having their teeth cleaned.


Dr. Reddy’s Cheerio Gel : Available in strawberry flavour. It’s active ingredient is sodium monoflourophosphate which increases the decay resistance of teeth.




Pigeon: Less foam and is available in strawberry flavour. Protects your Baby’s Teeth from Tooth Decay


DentoShine Chhota Bheem Gel : Low Fluoride Toothpaste great for cavity protection.Recommended for kids 2 years and above. Come 3 fruity flavours ( Strawberry, Mango & Bubble Gum)


Chicco Dentifricio Toothpaste : Available in strawberry,banana and apple flavor  and is made with a fluoride-free formula. Has a low abrasive formula which despite being gentle on the baby’s teeth removes plaque. This Suitable for children below the age of three years.


Mee Mee Strawberry flavour: Mee Mee toothpaste is carefully made to the safe formulation of fluoride free with triple calcium & phosphate for stronger teeth. Also it is sugar free with tasty strawberry flavour. Suitable for children above the age of 12 months.




Colgate My First – Infant & Toddler Mild Fruit Toothpaste:  This is a safe fluoride-free formula for the littlest ones at home. It gently cleans teeth and does not contain artificial colors, preservatives, or sodium lauryl sulfate. With a mild bubble fruit flavor, this Colgate toothpaste is designed with a convenient stand-up tube with twist off cap for less mess dispensing. Suitable for children under the age of 2 years.


Kidodent: Available in a yummy bubble gum flavour is a popular amongst moms these days


Most importantly, pick a fluoride-free toothpaste and begin the right care early.Did you know, the battle against dental decay begins when your infant is still in his/her nappies and often hits peak conflict when your child is a toddler. It’s not an easy war to win but,however, armed with the right equipment, you can ensure the best outcome possible.


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